Propagation method


~Sharp Knife

~Rubber band


~Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

~Piece of Plastic

~Masking Tape

Step 1 of 6-- Vertical Incisions

Makes four 3-inch vertical incisions through the rootstock's bark. Slip a small rubber band on the rootstock, stopping just below these vertical cuts. With the point of a knife, separate the bark from the wood and peel them down. Then cut off an equal-sized piece of rootstock with shears.

Step 2 of 6-- Prepare the Scion

Trim 1/2 inch off the bottom to show fresh wood. Slice a shallow, 2-inch cut into the wood at the bottom end of the scion. Repeat this to create four evenly-spaced cuts.

Step 3 of 6-- Connect Scion and Rootstock

Place the cut end of the scion inside the four flaps, lining up each cut surface with a flap.

Step 4 of 6-- Secure the Graft

Use the rubber band to hold the flaps in place.

Step 5 of 6-- Protect the Graft

Wrap it with a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil, then a piece of plastic.

Step 6 of 6-- Secure the Plastic

Tape the plastic around the graft using masking tape.