Mi Vida en Colombia



My dad would work in the executive/managing part of Ecopetrol, but he would make 50% less money a year. Due to working at Ecopetrol headquarters, my family would live in Bogotá, the capital. Our house in the Bosque de Pinos neighborhood, would cost $1,175,000, and it would be smaller than our home in Houston.


My brother and I would attend Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogotá. It is an American-Colombian college preparatory school. As a sophomore, I would take physics/chemistry, literature (Spanish class), math, gymnastics (athletics), English, philosophy, health, and a vocational study. My school year would be from January to November, and my school days would be from 8-3. I would join the climbing and ropes team at Colegio Nueva Granada, which practices on Tuesdays. Also, I would join the Table Tennis team at my school because I have always wanted to improve my ping pong skills.


My family and I would shop at Makro for groceries and other products found at department stores. I would eat croissants, sausages, chicken, bananas, zucchini, lettuce, eggs, hamburgers, empanadas, rice, and flan. For clothes, I would shop at Falabella, which carries shoes of the same brand and price range that I wear, and I would shop at Johana Cano for clothing, which also carries the same price range of clothing I wear. However, I would wear a uniform (skirt/pants with shirt) to school.


My favorite Colombian is and would continue to be Sophia Vergara, a comedic actress. However, I would enjoy listening to authentic Colombian music, especially Juanes. I would enjoy the latin rock genre. My family would travel to San Andrés, which is a Colombian island in the Caribbean. We love soaking up the sun and swimming! On the weekends for fun, I would hang out with friends at the mall or the park. Also, parties are a popular activity to host and go to in high school, and they are often from 3-8 pm because they are just casual.

Sophia Vergara

After being born in Barranquilla, Sophia resided with her large family in Colombia, and her discovery was on a beach by a man who hired her for a Pepsi commercial. From there, Vergara later moved to the United States working on screen in many shows and movies, but her biggest hit is acting on Modern Family, a comedic television show.
Juanes - La Camisa Negra (Lyrics)


I am about to get my diver's license in America, so I would definitely get my Colombian license to drive myself to school every day. We would have three cars, one for my mom, dad, and one for my brother and I to share. The cars would be a Renault Sandero, Chevrolet Sail, and Mazda Cx-9.