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How much Pro football effects the Economy

Football doesn't have too much of an effect on the economy. or at least not as much as you think would. Even though it makes around 9 billion a year it is still a small part of the overall economy. But they plan on making 25 billion by 2027. But that still wont even have much effect on it after that. But it does tend to help the local economy a lot. Because it brings in a lot of people from all over the place and it also makes a lot of money on the tax from the building. But then the building also creates a lot of jobs during the season and that then equals out into more people having money to spend and more taxes being taken out from paychecks. Witch then helps the economy a little bit. But other than that football has little effect on the economy. http://college.holycross.edu/RePEc/hcx/Baade-Matheson_NFLMegaEvents.pdf

National Debt will take a long time to pay off

The National Debt of America is increasing every day and many people can't comprehend how big that number is. So some people have taken it to themselves to try and help people with that. They started out by finding out what the average income for americans is. That is about 45 thousand. So they then just rounded the debt to 18 trillion and divided it out. What they came up with is astonishing. But to start out even if every American worked 1 year to help with the debt and all their money went to the government it still wouldn't be paid off. In fact it will take about 400 million years for the government to get out of dept. So no one in the near future will ever see us get out of debt but the human race probably won't last that long anyway. So americans should just get used to our Government being in debt. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-22/it-will-take-398879561-years-pay-us-governments-debt

Music industry money shift

The music industry is having a big shift in the way the get money. It used to have more of chain of how the money was used. But now the money is starting to have more of an effect on the artist. That is because of music going digital. It doesn't have to go through as much as a process as it would be if it had to go through an artist for the cover and then the people who would have to make it. So they end up saving a lot of money from it. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-new-economics-of-the-music-industry-20111025

how much money the government make if marijuana was taxed

I myself am not of fan of marijuana and I absolutely despise it. But I do realize the potential it has to help the economy grow. And that is the only reason I wrote this article. Lets start of with the money the government would save just from stoping from trying to keep it off the streets. It would end up saving the government around 7.7 billion dollars just from not keeping illegal. And to top that off the government would end up making around 6.6 billion off of tax revenue. So that is the only reason I think we should legalize it. Because we spend a lot trying to stop people from using it but it doesn't work. So if we let them use and just tax it we would end up making money.


U.S saving money by switching fonts

The government could save around half a billion dollars by switching their fonts to Garamond. A 14 year old boy discovered the by switching to this font it would use 24% less ink per stroke. Witch it doesn't seem like a lot at first but it adds up to a lot overall.