Wrapplication Party

Learn how to apply your Jams so that they will last

Learn how to be your own nail wrap professional

So many of you have been asking for help applying your Jams that I have decided to have a fun ladies night were I can help you out! I will demonstrate how to do the following:
-Clean and prep the nail
-Apply wraps using both the hot and cold method
-Eliminate ALL bubbling/lifting of the wraps
-How to make the wraps stay on for as long as possible
-How to cut the wraps for a pedicure

If you have already ordered Jams, bring them with you (maybe you can even trade with other ladies at the event)!
I also will have numerous sheets of wraps here at the house that you can purchase that day and use immediately!

Wine and appetizers will be served. All guests will also receive a free goodie bag from me to take home with them!

Wrapplication Party

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 6pm

703 W Haven Dr

Arlington Heights, IL