Harappan Cultures

Language, Culture, Role of Religion, Trade


In contrast to Egyptian and Mesopotamian language, it was impossible to decipher, this could be caused to the many symbols and combination of symbols. Each representing an object or a phonetic sounds.


Division of society were not great. Animal were also suggested to be part of them constantly appearing in writing and drawings. some images of animals would me mixed up for body part, like a mans head with horns and elephant trunk.

Role of religion

The archeologist believe that the culture was theocracy, even though they're have been no temples found and the priest were praying for no floods and good harvest. They were also believed to pray to bulls, shiva and hindu.


They were at constant trade due to the new currency being introduced, gold and silver, and the fact that they were on the fertile crescent. They also had good transportation due to their distance between them and the river.