Abi burdenie steals loo roll design

The pattern was too beautiful!!!!

Abi was working in a loo roll factory and she saw the stunning sesign

on Friday the 13th when the most unlucky day of the year occurs, Abigail was having a normal work day until... she saw the most softest prettiest piece of toilet paper ever! instintaly a thought occurred in her head "If I can get that piece of loo roll everyone will buy it! it will be called burden loo roll" - we now know that Abi has bad taste in names. but later that day when everyone had gone it was Abis time to become the ninga! she grabbed any black emo clothes she could find (which wasn't many) and then not forgetting her sparkly pink converse. she ran back to the toilet company and started to go all NINGA! she crepped to the board room and there was the loo roll! she put on her black glothes and took the paper but not before tripping over her shoelaces. this caused a huge BANG. she hid under the table but when the officer came in the room he saw her pink converse and she was caught. so Abi never got to steal the loo roll but she might have if it wasn't for her bad taste in shoes.


she works at gregs on a sunday

her co-workers