living on the go

Alexander Benitez

A New Hope

I do not know how long we were going to live like this, but I knew we were going to be moving again… this time for good… I ran down the church halls we were established in to our little room in the basement to tell my sister the good news! I was so excited to be moving into a house of our own. Our luck was begging to change…so I thought.

another one bite's the dust

I hear my sister crying on the dirty, dusty floor where me and her slept, crying because of the inching, burning pain of flea bites all over her body, we all had them…scary red bumps spread across our bodies like stars would be in the night sky.


living the life i could only image of living. It's the begging of my new life, I want everyone to know I got what most don’t and now I look at the world everything differently because of the life I just rose from. I am excelling in everything I put my mind to, and I will continue to do so until the day I leave the unfair cruel world i once imaged of never having to worry about.