Lamar Middle School Library

February 2016

Happy February my book lovers!

The Battle of the Books is COMING!! This intellectual competition is going to take place in Waco. Our team is made up of Katy Weddle, Rebecca Hernandez, Rachelle Molina, Brandi Cantwell and Ke Ke Thomas. They will do a great job! These students compete by answering correctly, questions about the Lone Star books, from the list. There are 20 books on the list. Scores are taken and the a winner with prevail. This program encourages reading and team work, plus school spirit! If you know these girl book divas, give them a hand for their extra effort!

In other news...

E books

I have been working with library classes on how to access an e book. E books are free and totally accessible via computers, chrome books, ipads or smart phones. They are available 24/7. Our district owns over 8,000 titles to choose from. The titles range from Elementary level to high school.

E books can be checked out even if a student owes for a book and with e books, the student will NEVER pay a fine! If you should encounter a student with questions about it, please don't hesitate to send them my way. I will be creating a how to video soon and placing it on my YouTube channel.

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New Professional Books for YOU!!!

Ms. Baird has already been by to check out the Algebra book!!
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Free Little Libraries

The Librarians wrote a grant a year ago for these!! They are called Little Libraries. Every campus has one, except of us and THS. Students and their families can stop by and look for a book to read, bring it back, trade and also contribute to the free little libraries. Got books to get rid of? Consider this! They are all decorated differently and are created by inmates. Check those out with your own children and encourage your students to visit them too!


Please keep the staff nominations coming! There is so many great choices in our family. Recognize someone today!