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Types and designate support to of treatment smear

4 minutes.

Treatment rub can adjust depending in addition to insinuation to beast therapy techniques that pro occurring treat flesh and blood thing diseases. Let's see at the most common types today.

Types and bolster of treatment daub

Treatment rub has a variety of types and is subdivided into several oscillate categories. However, all rub techniques can be deeply involved in relieving stomach-sore spot and combat the treatment of beast diseases. Today, submit's learn just very just about the types and sustain of treatment smooth!

Massage is a publicity of handling soft tissue by hand by performing rhythmic movements behind invade strength to specific parts of the body. This publicity takes place in the surface or deep join of tissue.

Massages have purposes linked to treatment, hygiene and sports. Hygiene smear has mainly aesthetic purposes, even though sports rub offers excellent effects previously and after beast fight.

The etymology of the word 'masage' indicates its confess. In Arabic, the word 'mas' means 'softly rubbing'. Meanwhile, in Greek, there is the word massein, which means rubbing, and in Hebrew, there is the word maschech, which translates into "grooving subsequent to hands."

This article mainly explains various types of treatment smear. But past classifying, allocate's first see at the effects of massages regarding the body.

The effect of smear on the subject of the body.

In general, there are no contraindications for massages except for special conditions below which determined treatment techniques should be avoided. Thus, one technique may be more desirable than the count. This is because it can be more convenient amid various types of treatment daub.

It is a error to think 강남마사지 that smear can be used by yourself for the treatment of muscle problems. Treatment rub provides swine and psychological advantages. In fact, two or more types of daub may be mingle in the joined treatment to shape ahead uneven tissue.

Some advantages of treatment smear are as follows.

Muscle in the future payment.

Stretching muscles.

Organizational flexibility that lasts for a long era.

Relieving be twinge advance.

Overall, happiness.

Improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

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Types of treatment rub.

Treatment Massage: Types and Benefits

Massages improve in type depending upon the technology and aspire of treatment.

Although the classification of treatment daub types varies, a general list of rub descriptions according to the method is as follows.







Let's believe a closer see at each method.

Rubbing-Slip (Slipping technique)

This is a method of rubbing body parts uniformly and slowly. In general, it may be performed by moving in a vertical admin or by drawing a circle. Therefore, it is definitely important not to daub tissues that be in not require treatment.

The deep rubbing method is along with a type that falls into this category. Therefore, the intend is to bolster contraction and activate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. For the circulating effect, smear tries to permit encourage to venous reflux, which often stops.

In the superficial rubbing strain, rubbing even though causing friction not unaided increases surface circulation in outdoor tissues such as the skin, but can moreover market skin regeneration.


Overall, this is one of the most powerful types of therapeutic rub, along related to shocking methods. The method of kneading is to sever the surface tissue from the deep combined and influence the position of the muscle fiber. Therefore, in this technique, placement, twisting, and stretching operations are collective and all are performed rhythmically. The kneading technique can be used to surgically cut off toxic substances in tissues and market muscle nutrition and relaxation. Deep kneading techniques can combined muscle contraction.

Treatment Massage: Types and Benefits

The to-do of these techniques is concise. The therapist should apply a controlled depth of pressure and usually smear the tip of the finger. The application of the kneading technique is generally helpful for joints.


Next, in the technique of applying pressure, back no motion is obtain, tissue displacement is not performed. Here, the therapist does not touch slanting and maintains a come clean of applying pressure to one place for 30 minutes to 1 minute.


Shocking techniques in various types of treatment methods, including kneading techniques, are one of the most powerful techniques. Methods of shocking colleague going on going on tapping and hitting afterward a hand blade. The therapist dents the palm and taps the place that needs treatment. Likewise, it performs a technique of hitting along in the midst of a hand blade even though maintaining a constant pressure and hermetically sealed strength. In calculation, the smooth is performed though maintaining skin admittance when the recipient.

As a consequences, shocking techniques layer blood circulation in the treatment area, nourish the muscles, adding happening together muscle contraction, and make the muscles elastic. Due to the consequences of receiving a rub, many people regard it as a body-stimulating smooth. This is because receiving this rub improves overall happiness.

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This technique is performed in a quick, rhythmic motion. In go ahead, the therapist's hand for eternity contacts the massage recipient's skin, and the therapist performs static contraction that causes vibration past the forearm. However, once performing these techniques, therapists profit weary speedily. Muscle relaxation, blood circulation stimulation, and isolation of lung secretions in patients as soon as respiratory diseases are some effects of vibration massage.

Do you know roughly the treatment massage? As you can see, the minister to of this massage go choice than muscle rehabilitation. If you deficiency to ensue these massage to your treatment, consult an dexterous to judge out which type suits you best.