Baby Shower

Come to a Baby Shower with a mystery gender

Soon this baby boy or girl with be welcomed in the wold with warm hugs and kisses!

Come to this very fun baby shower for a soon to be mamma and a little baby! At this party we will play man fun little games an activities and have cute little treats an just chat with all the girls!

Kate's Baby Shower for the Baby

Saturday, March 7th, 3:30pm

13835 Teal Creek Dr

Broomfield, CO

When you will arrive at Kate's house, we will start with fun little games, and chat and bring out the little snacks, we will continue to play games and later we will have cake!


3:30-4:15-Games and Chatting

4:15-5:00-Snacks and Games

5:00-5:45-Gifts for the Mother and Baby!


5:45-6:30-Dinner and Cake

6:30-Party is Over:(

We Hope You Can Come!


text or call Kate at 303-467-8976

email kate at