May 9, 2016

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Happy Mother's Day!

Moms of Level Creek, Happy Mother's Day! I am heading into a week where Jill will be out of town. I will have the kids and do what you do every day. I am tired just thinking about it. You give so much to your kids here and turn around and do it with your own families. Thank you.

Jill laughed out loud when she saw this commercial. She said it was her life as a mother in a vignette. Like it says at the end "Every day [you] care."

The Whirlpool Every day, care™ What/How Laundry Commercial


The state DoE has said that Milestones will not count for promotion. The DoE gave the reason as problems with online testing. Parents will ask you what you think.

Here is what I will be sharing:

  1. It will give us good information
  2. While we had a few glitches, online testing was great. Our teachers handled it wonderfully and our APs and support staff planned it well.
  3. Our kids prefer online testing (see below).

Milestones Online Kid Survey

Teachers, please encourage your students to take this survey if they have a free moment. We want to hear what they think about taking Milestones online. The link is on the homepage of our website (toward the end of the scrolling section). So far, 95% of students (21) answering prefer testing online.

Spring Musical Monday!

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Field Day Attire

Field days will be here before you know it. I will get this question: "What is the dress code." Please ensure you dress appropriately. No short shorts, yoga, or workout pants. You may wear Bermuda shorts, capris, field day or LCES spirit wear. If you question your attire, then please don't do it! If Daisy Duke, Richard Simmons, or Kim Kardashian come to mind, PLEASE don't do least not at school!


If you have one of our 3 positive note journals, Please turn back in to Tina Monday or Tuesday.

Drew's Box

You no doubt saw the box that was dedicated to Drew Caymol Friday morning. The purpose is for this box to hold play items for recess as a remembrance to our #34.
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Please make sure you are completing your F&P assessments and your LSPI information. A reminder for 4th and 5th, you can have your MA/SC/SS teammate complete F&Ps as well or help them with centers so that they have more time.

End of Year Checklists

End of Year Checklists came out last week. Pay close attention to the dates & times.

Food Driven

Several grade levels collaborated to bag 257 weekend bags to the charity Nothing But the Truth!

Class Lists for 2016-17

You have 2016-17 class lists in your hands! Remember, our kids and parents do not need to know we have these. If they find out they will ask you for information. For you to have an advanced look at the lists, we must make sure that we can keep it professionally in house. I know that you can do it.
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Staff Development Heroes!

Our list is growing! WOW!

Thank you to those of you who have signed up for Staff Development this year! This is how you grow! Join a class with a friend. You will be happy you did.

Please let Helen know if you have joined Professional Development and are not on this list.

LCES Staff Development Opportunities 2016 – 2017

North/Lanier GCPS Math Institute

Emily Costine – K

Tim Haxton – 3rd

Amanda Flanter – 4th

Jennie Tate – 5th

Digital Learning Conference

Shanna Borders

Paige Brandon

Emily Costine

Jawana Kelson

Helen Morris

Mary Taylor

Daniel Skelton

Teaching and Learning Conference

Shanna Borders

Paige Brandon

Emily Costine

Jennifer James

Helen Morris

Daniel Skelton

Mary Taylor

Literacy Coaches Institute

Jill Miner

GCPS Literacy Leadership Team

Shanna Borders

Bailey Fenwick

Jill Miner

Helen Morris

Diane Nemec

Tendayi Taylor

Sheri Tolar

GCPS Social Studies Leadership Team

Katie Turner

GCPS Social Studies AKS Review Team

Katie Turner

GCPS STEM Leadership Team

Jawana Kelson

Shaila Khaki

Amanda Flanter

Jennie Tate

Gary Wickham

GCPS Assessment Leadership Team

Mark Turner

Science AKS Review Team

Jawana Kelson

Cindy Wall

Catching Early Readers and Writers Before They Fall

Emily Costine - K

Units of Study for Writing

Paige Brandon – K

Kerri Griffin – K

Anita Pender – K

Janna McClung – 1st

Kristina Schroeder – 1st

Angela Dennis – 2nd

Stacey Speicher – 2nd

Linley Bryan – 3rd Special Education

Megan Bell – 3rd

Shanna Borders – 3rd

Tim Haxton – 3rd

Claire McCall – 3rd

Helen Morris – 3rd

Tendayi Taylor – 3rd

Jayson Washington – 3rd

Daniel Skelton – 4th

Cheryl Carnazzo – 4th

Bailey Fenwick – 4th

Elizabeth McMillin

Sherri Tolar – 4th

Karen Cone – 5th

Jennifer James – 5th

Jill Miner – 5th

Jennifer Vega – 5th

Joannie Waters – 5th

Michele Jones – 1st, 3rd, and 5th


Emily Costine

GCPS Gifted Endorsement Program

Debbie Isaac

Fun"ctionality with eClass 1.0

Linley Bryan – Sp. Ed.

Fun"ctionality with eClass 2.0

Amber Arnold

Emily Costine

2017 Vision

Bailey Fenwick

Tim Haxton

Jennifer James

Daniel Skelton

2017 Math Boot Camp

Anita Pender

SAFARI Montage Focus Group

Paige Brandon

Jawanna Kelson

Jennie Tate

eClass Lead Innovator and LSTC Summer Workshop

Jawanna Kelson

Tracy Patience

Cindy Wall

Art21 Educators Program

Amber Arnold

Mixing It Up in the Elementary Art Classroom

Amber Arnold - Facilitator

Web 2.0 & eClass

Amber Arnold

Elizabeth McMillin

Teaching Elementary Social Studies

Elizabeth McMillin

Social Studies Workshop Model

Elizabeth McMillin

DBQ Project for Elementary Teachers 2016-2017

Elizabeth McMillin

Spanish Excellence

Four ladies in the Spanish Club performed a restaurant skit in Spanish for the Foreign Language Elementary Spoken Language Contest and received a Superior (highest) rating.

Bragging On...

Level Creek Students

Dear Mr. Skelton,

I just had to write and tell you about what I witnessed Thursday morning after Kindergarten registration. We were walking downstairs near the foyer area between the 1st & 2nd grade halls and there were several classes moving about.

First thing I noticed: how quiet everyone was!

Then, several boys (I believe 2nd graders based on their height) quietly said to Foster, my 5 year old, "Are you here for registration?" He nodded yes and then I heard them say, "You're going to love it here!" "You will have a lot of fun!" "You're going to do great." WOW!

I was just beyond impressed with their genuine kindness toward a total stranger! I was nearly brought to tears. Please let your staff know just how very thankful we are to be a part of such a wonderful school community.

- Juliette Gore

Chris Gadd

I recently gave the first side of the 3rd grade EIP rubric to A.D. She has been in EIP with Mrs. Gadd since the fall. After I completed the first four items on the rubric, Avery scored a 12, so I stopped. She was going to be at a 14 or higher, so I believe the small group additional instruction was hugely beneficial for Avery.

I am so happy to see the wonderful progress A. made this year! Mrs. Gadd - you are awesome! I am so glad you will be a member of our 1st grade team next year and I will be the recipient of your handiwork the next year!

-Stacey Speicher

Mary Taylor

Thank you so much for the Tinker Crate! We planted the seeds together and made an irrigation system. They check each morning to see the growth of the different seeds/plants! This was taken last week and the plants are much larger now.

I agree that it's not something that would have worked in the media center, but we sure enjoyed it.

-Paige Brandon

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Look how far we've come!


School Goals to support our LSPI

Collaborative Planning Goals

  1. Collaboratively plan lessons
  2. Use data/student work to plan
  3. Deconstruct the standards

eCLASS Goals

  1. Class websites should be linked through eCLASS.
  2. Classwork/Homework assigned weekly through eCLASS (not 'extra' work).
  3. Use discussion boards at least 1x for Language Arts and 1x for Math each Semester.

Happy Mother's Day

You spend all day loving our LCES kids. Then you go home and do the same to yours. To all of our moms out there. You are impressive. The clip below is one of Jill's favorites. She says that it seems like a vignette of her life as a mom. Thank you for loving our kids like a mom.