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Fall 2014

School Librarian Mrs. Vaughan

Grades 6-8
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Author Visit-8th grade students

Dr Robin Ganzert will be here to talk with MP 8th graders about her recently released book, Animal Stars Behind the Scenes with Your Favorite Animal Actors.

Thursday, Oct 30th- 12:00 in the auditorium

The book is getting great reviews and is currently on and Barnes & Noble’s bestsellers lists.

Student Book Review by Des, an 8th Grade

In “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, the reader is introduced to two black maids in Jackson, Mississippi 1962. The first maid the reader meets is Aibileen, she is raising her seventeenth white baby, Mae Mobley, and working for Elizabeth Leefolt. Aibileen does her best to stay out of trouble, always following orders. Her closest friend, Minny, though has trouble with quietly and calmly obeying orders. Her attitude and balk talk tends to get her fired even puts her in bad standing with Hilly Holbrook, who holds on to her power in the town with the use of blackmail and threats. After Hilly fires Minny, it becomes incredibly hard for Minny to find any work, due to the viscous untrue rumors. The gossip though does not reach the newbie in town, Celia Rae. The book is told through the first person, but the reader gets a unique chance to see Jackson through three different characters: Aibileen, Minny and Skeeter. Skeeter, a 22-year-old Ole Miss graduate, comes home to only discover the maid who raised her, Constantine, is suddenly gone and no one will tell her why.

Skeeter has dreams to become a writer, the only job the newspaper will give her though is writing a cleaning column she knows nothing about. News from New York changes everything; she receives word from a publisher who has interest in Skeeter’s idea of writing about something that really matters. What it is really like to work as a black maid in the wealthy white homes of Mississippi. The writing of this book brings together the three unlikely friends, Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny as they reveal their best and worst memories of being a maid. They together in secret, scared of the wrong person finding out, write the novel in hope of changing Jackson, Mississippi for the better.

Though this story is an untrue, fiction book, Stockett places the characters in a time period and location where these stories could have likely happened. To make the story seem more real, Stockett places real events into the story that correctly match the time period, this includes many marches and deaths. The diction she uses as well allows the reader to hear the characters voices in their head by giving them a southern accent. She realizes that the maids probably only made it to the fifth grade, so although they may not be speaking properly she allows them to still be wise with their experience and knowledge.

I believe that the readers of this book will appreciate the story. It is not only well written, but the story keeps you glued to the book. It puts many things into perspective, and for the first real time you can see what it was like for these women during this time period, the good and the bad. “The Help”, is a worthy read, the reader will not be disappointed.

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Student Book Review by Abby, a 7th Grader

Almost Perfect is a must read. Logan lives in a small town in Missouri. Him and his girlfriend that dated for over a year just broke up after he found out she was cheating on him. Logan had a hard time trying to get over his ex-girlfriend until he met this new girl at his school named Sage. Since he lives in such a small town it is very rare to get a new student. But, when Sage joins his biology class they instantly have feelings for each other. But Sage starts acting really strange. Sage is not all what she claims to be.