English II Honors Syllabus

Spring 2016

Meet Mrs. Geoffroy

Mrs. Geoffroy has been teaching English for 7 years, all at Queen Anne's County High School. She has taught English II Honors almost every semester since beginning her teaching career. She is also one of the class advisors for the class of 2018.

Mrs. Geoffroy is from Easton, Maryland and graduated from Easton High School. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in British Literature from the University of Maryland in 2008. The next year, she earned her Masters in Education also from the University of Maryland.

Mrs. Geoffroy lives in Easton, Maryland with her husband, a teacher at Kent Island High School; her three year old, Gabriella; her eight month old, Clara; and three cats.

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Class Description:

This course is required for graduation. It builds upon and reinforces the skills acquired in English I, including genre study, critical reading, language usage and conventions, and effective writing. Additional emphasis is placed upon research skills and oral communication. The skills and knowledge attained will prepare students for college level writing and analysis; as an honors course, this class is specifically designed for students seeking higher education beyond High School. Students will also be preparing for English specific AP courses such as AP Language and Composition and AP Literature.

This semester, we will be piloting two new textbooks: Collections by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the first half, and Perspectives by Pearson for the second. Therefore, the course outline is subject to change.

Course (Major) Texts

Note: There will be many opportunities for Student Choice



- Highlighters/ Colorful Pens/ Colored Pencils -- These are handy for Close Reading

- Notebook/ Composition Book/ Binder


- Laptop

- Pens & Pencils

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Major Policies, Procedures, and Expectations

The assignments will be given point values depending on their importance and substantiality. The descriptions of assignments are below:

  • Formative Assessments 40%
  • Summative Assessments 45%
  • Final Exam 15%

Explanation of Assessments:

Students will be assessed formally and informally throughout the course. An informal assessment could be answers to classroom discussion questions. Formal assessment includes the major assessments such as essays as well as quizzes and vocabulary tests. The assessments may be modified.

Late Assignments:

Late assignments are those that are not submitted as a result of an excused absence. All late assignments, including homework, will be recorded as incomplete. Late work will be accepted with the following restrictions:

  • Work must be turned in within 3 days of the due date (unless circumstances for an extension have been approved by the teacher and/or administration).
  • Full credit will be awarded for work turned in within the time period provided.

Note: The instructor does not accept unexcused late formative assignments. However, things happen; it is another important life skill to communicate issues with instructors, bosses, etc. Therefore, if you need an extension for extenuating circumstances, contact the instructor directly.

Summative Retake/ Revision:

For substantial assignments, including essays, short stories, and projects, students will be given the opportunity to replace their grade through revision. The student must meet with me either during a break, activity period, or after school to talk about the assignment before they may revise. There is no limit to the number of revisions a student may take; nor is there a limit to the grade they can revise up to (i.e., a student who received a D on a paper may revise to an A). The time limit is the same as the QACHS Summative Retake Policy as stated below:

Students will be allowed to retake or revise summative assessments (with the exception of midterms and final exams) within 10 school days from the time the test is returned if they score 69% or less and may earn up to a 70%. Grades may not be averaged and the student’s new grade is to reflect the higher grade up to 70%. Teachers may use their discretion as to whether to use a learning log, a set of different questions, the same test, a new test, or an alternative assessment. Teachers may also opt to have students correct errors with written justification should time be an issue in retaking a summative assessment. These opportunities are to be assigned in a timely manner and students are to be given no less than 3 days to complete the new assignment.


Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. Students will have a combination of short-term and long-range reading and written assignments. Students are expected to be working on some aspect of the course every day. Students should complete all homework assignments in a timely manner. Late homework may not be accepted or may be penalized.

Parent Contact:

When a student’s progress (grade) falls below 70% direct parental contact is required by the teacher. Teachers are required to document the contact.

Excused Absences, Suspensions, and Make-up Work

The make-up policy for short-term (no more than three consecutive days) lawful absences shall be:

  • The student/parent/guardian may receive missed assignments upon returning to school. Should the student/parent/guardian request missed assignments while the student is absent, every effort will be made to accommodate the request; however, there is not guarantee.
  • Students will be given one day for each consecutive absence up to a maximum of three (3) days to turn in all make-up work. All make-up work will be graded in accordance with the regular classroom grading policy and must be completed within the established time period.
  • Make-up work time frame for extended lawful absences (more than three consecutive days) will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the teacher and Academic Dean or his/her designee.
  • Suspension from school is considered a legal absence.

Academic Integrity:

All students at Queen Anne’s County High School are expected to conduct themselves with great pride in academics and the community at large. To this end, it is expected that all students will maintain academic integrity in every assignment. Work must be completed individually unless otherwise directed by the teacher. Plagiarism is a severe offense at QACHS and will result in immediate consequences.

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