S'more MCS News from Mrs. Drudy

"We exist so children can excel."

What We're Learning in Challenge

3/4 Grade

We have been continuing our readings and discussions of Charlotte's Web. In small groups we've been working on vocabulary words in the context of the reading. Ask your child how we utilize the Webster's Dictionary iPad app's features to assist with those words we cannot figure out in context. Students will be introduced to amazing classroom technology with Clickers, individual handheld devices that allow students to input answer choices that will be sent to me to assess understanding. In our technology-driven world, we simply must give our students the tools to stay abreast of our ever-changing communication.

5/6 Grade

The fifth and sixth graders have completed their multiple perspective projects about characters from Wonder. They are proudly on display in our hallway and have received numerous compliments from others in the building. We will continue on the with the novel and have comprehension checks (quizzes) along the way.

Our writing has been focused on opinion pieces and transitioning into argumentative writing. We have started by closely examining real-life samples from the newspaper. Ask your child where (s)he stands on "the great trophy debate".

Like the 3/4 Challenge students, we will learn how to use Clickers (see aforementioned section) as a means of electronically communicating our understanding of concepts. I am certain that, once students get proficient with using them, they'll love them.

S'more Notes from the Teacher

Mrs. Frondorf, our school librarian, has visited all classrooms to explain the new incentives for the Accelerated Reader (AR) program. Remember, it is an expectation that all Challenge students participate in the AR program at some level. Detailed information about the Independent/Amazing Reading Challenge was sent home early in the week last week. Should you need suggestions for the various types of genres (types of reading), please visit my classroom website. Under the tab "Resources/Student Help", you will find suggestions for many genres. These are suggestions only and is not an all-inclusive list. The requirements oulined on the Independent/Amazing Reading Challenge information sheet must till be met regardless of whether or not a particular book is on the genre list. My classroom website may be found by going to the Mt. Carmel School homepage and clicking on "Class Websites" on the right hand side. From there, simply click on "Mrs. Drudy's Class Page." For the older readers, there is also a link to this year's Young Hoosier Books. I am hopeful that you will find at least some of this information helpful throughout the year.