Freak The Mighty


Title of Book

It started when Max and Kevin were in daycare. They never talked but Max thought he was cool because he had cruches and could hit people with them. Then Kevin left and never came back to daycare. Max thought Kevin was gone and would never come back until one day he saw people moving in the house that was across the street from him. He saw a little boy and a beautiful girl that look like a movie star ( she was Kevin's mom.) Her name was Gwen.Max decided to sneak down there and see the little kid (Kevin.) Later on he saw Kevin hitting the tree with his cruches and so went down to see what he was swatting at. Max saw that it was a little bird in the tree. Max went over and got it down from the tree.Kevin showed what the bird does. You whined it up and it flys around.Kevin asked where Max lives so "he though it would be easier to show him"(pg 14) Max pointed to the house across the street and said "I live in the down under." Max put Kevin in the wagon and wheeled him over to his house. Kevin was panting going down the stairs like he was having troubles breathing.They were only down in his room for 10minutes talking before you could here Kevin's mom (Gwen calling out "Kevin!" When Max and Kevin came up stairs Gwen was startled by Max's appearance so she took Kevin and ran straight home. Later on she called Gram and asked if she could have Max over for dinner to say sorry to Max for running away. She was hopping to make up for it. Max thought he was going to have a boring time at the dinner, but when he went he had a blast him and Kevin became friends.

Man vs. Society

It was Max's first year getting to go to the fireworks down by the pond without his Gram (grandma) and Grim (grandpa). Gram wanted him to bring kevin with him because she was afraid that people would trample over him because he's small.

When they were on their way to the fireworks they ran into Blade (Tony D.) He was a bad kid him and his gang and were arrested many times. He stated talking to Max and Kevin and asked Kevin if he had any big fireworks (they thought the the bumps underneath his pants were fireworks,but really it was his leg braces.) Instead Kevin started giving them lip and Tony was getting mad. They were lucky to get away from they when the cops came. They watched the fireworks and when they were done they started walking away and noticed that Tony's men were closing in on them. Kevin was up on Max's shoulders telling him to run and where to run. When they finally got trapped; Kevin told Max to run into the pond. it was all sticky and hard to walk in. Tony of course ran after them in the pond and got suck. His friends pulled them out and they started throw rocks at them. It was lucky for Max and Kevin that a cop started driving by, so Kevin whistled and the cop saw them and came to help pull kevin and Max out of the pond, but Tony and his gang ran away before they could be caught.

" I never had a brain until Freak came along."

Max wasn't the smartest of people, but kevin was. I guess you could say that Kevin is a hundred times smarter than the average kid. Max was more strong and tall, and Kevin was short but had the brain. Kevin almost new the whole dictionary by heart.He pretty much new everything. Kevin wasn't one of those nerds you would think he is. He also loves to go on adventures!

Max and Killer Kane

Max is nothing like his father (Killer Kane). Max had his dads looks, but unlike his dad being mean, Max was really nice! Many people judged Max by his appearance because he looked so much like his dad. His dad Killer Kane had killed his mom and was put in jail. His dad was smart and Max well...not so much. Killer Kane was a mean man and many people were afraid of him. Many people were afraid of Max as well, because they thought he was just like his dad.Max made friends well Killer Kane made enemies.