State Facts

South Carolina, Ohio, Lousiana

South Carolina


Capital - Columbia

Nickname - Palmetto State

Date of Statehood - May 23, 1788

State Flower - Yellow Jessamine

State Bird - Great Carolina Wren

State Tree - Cabbage Palmetto

3 interesting facts - South Carolina is the 40th largest state in the U.S. , South Carolina is one of the wealthest colonies , South Carolina was founded in 1663.

3 tourist attractions - Myrtle Beach , Wild Water - water and race theme park , The New Charleston Light house.



Capital - Columbus

Nickname - Buckeye State

Date of Statehood - March 1, 1803

State Flower - Scarlet Carnation

State Bird - Cardinal

State Tree - Ohio Buckeye

3 interesting facts - Ohio is the leading producer of greenhouse , The tv show " The Drew Cary Show '' was set in Ohio , Ohio gave America it's first hot dog.

3 tourist attractions - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum , Lake Erie , Armstrong Air and Space Museum.

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Capital - Baton Bouge

Nickname - Pelican State

Date of Statehood - April 30, 1812

State Flower - Magnolia Grandiflora

State Bird - Eastern Brown Pelican

State Tree - Bald Cypress

3 interesting facts - Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV , Louisiana has the tallest capital building , Louisiana is the only state in the Union that does not have counties.

3 tourist attractions - Louisiana State Museum , Swamp Tours , Louisiana Arts and Science Museum.

By: Lauren Herzog