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September 9, 2022

Welcome to the Wolfpack news!!

Communication from school to home is so important. I remember when I was in school, my backpack would be filled with notes and messages that I "forgot" to get to my parents. There are so many events and informational items that are shared regularly, and having a high schooler at home, I know I usually do not find out about these items until the last minute.

While we continue to grow our presence on Twitter, we know that not all our families are Twitter users. So the High School's main office will send out the "Wolfpack News" every few weeks to celebrate our students, give information, and help grow school-to-home communication. The Wolfpack News will be emailed and posted on our website and Twitter.

Thank you for your support, and enjoy "Wolfpack News."

9th Grade Orientation

On August 25th, we were excited to welcome to the high school the Class of 2026. The event has two distinct concepts.

The first was having student leaders welcome and build community with the new high schoolers. The 11th and 12th-grade leaders were grouped with 9th graders and led them through team building and information gathering. These groups will be utilized throughout the school year to continue to build the concept of connectedness.

The second was allowing the parents to get some information about the transition to high school. Mr. Dentel had some topics to discuss, and parents were also given a survey in advance that they could suggest topics.

Orenda Springs Field Trips

We are very excited about a team-building field trip we have planned for September. We will take each grade level to Orenda Springs in Marcellus to have a day of team building. The staff at Orenda Springs has activities, including a ropes course that our students will navigate as they continue to build a sense of belonging and community. The links below are the waivers that must be completed to go on the trip.

Senior Waiver for 9/26

11th grade Waiver for 9/27

10th grade and our students in BOCES program housed at Union Springs HS for 9/28

9th grade Waiver for 9/29

For more information about Orenda Springs go to https://orendasprings.com/

Spirit Week ---High School

Here are the days for Spirit Week: Please encourage participation:

Mon: 9/19 Parents' Day - Dress up as your parents! Throw together your favorite old-school look!

Tues: 9/20 Dynamic Duos - Pair up with a friend to create an unstoppable duo! (ex. Salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, etc.)

Wed: 9/21 Letter Day - Dress up as something that starts with the first letter of your name! (ex. If your name starts with a C, you can dress up as a cat)

Thurs:9/22 USA Day - Show off your red, white, and blue.

Fri: 9/23 Spirit Day: Show your school spirit with all the purple and white you wish!

From the Desk of the Counselors

Important Dates

September 19th - 23rd -----Spirit Week

September 23rd ------Pep Rally

September 23rd ------- Homecoming Game

September 23rd ------ Mid Marking Period 1 Ends

September 24th ------- Homecoming Dance

September 26th ---12th grade to Orenda Springs

September 27th --- 11th grade to Orenda Springs

September 27th--- Middle School High School pictures

September 28th---- 10th grade and BOCES classrooms to Orenda Springs

September 29th ---- 9th grade to Orenda Springs

September 29th - MS/HS open house - details soon