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Mrs. Allen's K-Learners / May 13, 2016

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.

News and Notes

Parents-We will be actively engaged in learning until the very last day of school. For the next two weeks we are going to be learning about our five senses as well as a little about nutrition. By request of a couple of learners we will be enjoying Nursery Rhymes. I will be using these last two weeks to reassess a few standards. I will also be assessing a couple of standards we have recently worked on. Everyday from now until the last day of school is important. This is going to be such a fun week! We are going on our field trip on Thursday May 19th to Eat South Market. Friday, May 20th is our End of the Year Celebration. We are going to have a great time making "splish splash" memories together. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 25th. Come join us for lunch, outside on the picnic tables. This will be a sweet time of "good-byes" to an unforgettable year!

Ball Project Update- The eye"ball"

Cow and Sheep Eyeball Dissecting Experts: Drs. Bryan and Crisse Holman

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When the learners were wanting to see the inside of the eyeball, I was at a total loss. This was a path of learning I was NOT sure we should take. Their reasoning for needing to cut open the eyeball was we had seen inside all the other balls in our project. I tried to explain that this "ball" was very different. But when one learner proudly announced that she had talked to an upper grade lead learner and found out that we could get cow eyeballs to cut open, I realized I had to follow their lead and take this path. Thankfully Mrs. Ingram's neighbors are two eye doctors and they were willing to take this challenge. Thank you Drs. Bryan and Crisse Holman for spending the morning with us! We could not have done this without you!
Eyeball Dissection
Take a look at a sign one of the learners made and decided to place on Dr. Holman as a name tag. Adorable! This was one of the most amazing learning opportunities I have ever had the privilege of experiencing! You will want to take a moment to watch the video with your learner. The learners chose where and how closely they wanted to sit in order to see the dissection. Some wanted to be right in the middle of it and some preferred to watch from a comfortable distance. Some learners even left the table and went to another center for a while. I am so thankful to be at a school that allows the teacher to follow the lead of the learners and supports authentic learning. PRS-YES! YES! YES!

Resource Video: Going to the Eye Doctor

KidVision VPK Eye Doctor Field Trip
After Zaylon's mom came to be our expert on the eyeball, I could tell there was a great deal of confusion about what it was like to go to the eye doctor. Non of our learners had first hand experience or background knowledge in this area. The best option would have been to go on a field trip to an eye doctor's office so the learners could construct their own knowledge base. Due to timing, I had to quickly find another option to help them gain some level of understanding. Thankfully, I found a great video by KidVision of a trip to the Eye Doctor. It is very simple and easy to understand. Your learner may enjoying re-watching this with you at home.

Peer Lead Learner Brings Value to Learning

Coach Hines has remained one of the biggest supporters of our project and learning! He has routinely stopped by to check to see which direction our project has taken and to offer his support when needed. Coach Hines' involvement in our ball project has been from day one. It began with us asking Coach Hines to come to talk to us about sportsmanship due to our interest in the NFL Patriot inflating and deflating of the football scandal. This only led to him having to come back to explain inflating and deflating. After that, the learners discovered a deflated ball during recess and insisted on taking it to Coach Hines. As the saying goes, "the rest is history." The ball project was a force I could no longer deny.
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Five months later, Coach Hines is now sitting in our chair with our learners leading him into the discovery of the eye-"ball". The basketball group was also very excited to tell them what we have recently discovered about the basketball bladder. Coach Hines' interest has brought such value to our learning. THANK YOU COACH HINES!

What's Coming Up-SUMMER Enrichment

Instead of me listing the standards and posting the books we will be reading this next two weeks, I will be using this space to post information and resources you may want to use with your child during the summer vacation. This will be very beneficial in keeping your learner on a constant path of growth. If you have any questions regarding the summer enrichment, please feel free to contact me.

Pike Road Library

One of the best things you could do this summer is go see Mr. Matt at the Pike Road Library. He is a favorite of ours! Mr. Matt is very captivating and the learners are so engaged when he reads to us. One of the best thing to do for strengthening reading skills is to read. Ask Mr. Matt for help. He is really amazing.
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Click the following links to view the Pike Road Public Library Summer Calendar and Reading Program.

Phonological Awareness Aquisiton

When working on reading skills with your child this summer at home, you can use this chart as a guide as to what skills to work on. For example, if your child will turn 7 shortly after school begins in the fall and you see they are not proficient with a skill that is typically mastered at a younger age, work on that skill first before moving on to other skills. If your child is 6 and you see that there is a skill that is typically mastered in the age range of 2-5 they have not mastered then work on this skill first. All skills do not always develop at the same pace or at the same age. If your child is solid in all the areas for their age range then consider introducing them to those in the next level. The website associated with this chart offers quick easy activities to do with your child for rhyming, blending, etc.


Click on the following images to enlarge. This has also been added to FreshGrade as a resource.

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Recommended Apps

Here are a few apps you might want to consider getting for your child to use during summer to support their continued growth in reading and math skills. I am also attaching a link to the American Academy of Pediatric policy statement on Media usage. This is a constant struggle in my home for my children and even myself. It is good for me to be reminded from time to time that too much media usage is not healthy.

Sumdog-I will make sure everyone has their password for summer vacation.
Bob Books-great reading app. Different Levels available. Common Sense Media Review
Sight Words: Kids Learn app. The Kids Learn! Sight Words - Different Levels available- App series is a 2012 nominee for a Distinguished Achievement Award presented by the Association of Educational Publishers
Star Fall is one of my all time favorite apps.

Mark Your Calendars

Eat South Field Trip

Thursday, May 19th, 8pm

485 Molton Street

Montgomery, AL

Water Day

Friday, May 20th, 8:30pm

Pike Road School

Go to the following link for reminders about the day.

Picnic Lunch

Wednesday, May 25th, 11:30am-12:15pm

Picnic Tables at Pike Road School

More information to come.

Last Day of school for Learners

Thursday, May 26th, 8am-3pm

Pike Road School

Below is the link to the pre-approved absence form.