the festival of the cross

Why it's held:

People celebrate the cross and the meaning of it. Here in Peru most people are Catholic which is a branch of Christianity. However, it is not solely a Catholic holiday. It has become more of a time that they listen to folk music and dance.

Where & When it's held:

The main celebrations are held in Lima, Cuzco, and Inca. It is held this year, Feb 9th- Feb 15th.

What kinds of people it attracts:

This is held basically with everyone in Peru. They all come together to celebrate this every year.

What traditions are held:

There are always scissor dancers, people dressed in rainbow and bright clothing, and people dancing up and down the street. It is often a very loud, upbeat celebration.

What kind of music & food:

There are all kinds of scrumptious food that are prepared every day usually by older women, and they drink alcoholic beverages. They listen to upbeat music that they often sing along to and dance around the whole time.