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Ups and Downs in E Cigarette Industry

A little progress every day leads to big accomplishments but what if every day you are dragged down for no apparent reason. It has been hell of a ride for e cigarette makers. News on e cigarette at times brings bad credit and on other times brings a sudden spark of glory.

Last night as soon as I got back home and sat on my couch, I was anxious to read about this recent news on e cigarette because that is what everybody was talking about all day, e cigarette surely has some fans at my work place. I went through the news that Duluth councilors passed regulations on e cigarettes. I am sure that people who relate themselves with e cigarettes, they all have curiosity to know the new regulations that will be imposed on e cigarettes. After reading the news I came to know that from now onwards e cigarettes will be viewed the same as regular cigarettes. For me, the news was a complete blow. I don’t understand how somebody can view e cigarettes as tobacco cigarettes when both of these have nothing in common. Is it not awful news for all e cigarette lovers that now we are not allowed to use e cigarettes on places where tobacco cigarettes are already banned?

Not just that, but the sampling of e cigarette products in any store will also be banned. Being a user of V2 cigs, I am not in the favor of these bans. But yes, as a concerned citizen, I do agree that e cigarettes use among minors should be banned and therefore, but I am particularly in favor of the third regulation which reckons the sale of e cig to minors is against law. I identify with authorities who have banned e cig amongst minors; it’s indeed a good step. Addiction of anything is not good for human beings and if minors are using e cigarettes in such a tender age, such a step is required.

Still I don’t understand the reason behind banning e cigarette samples in retail shops as it would only allow people especially first time users to try different products and enable them to pick up the best electronic cigarette brands before they walk out of the door. Many of my relatives and friends are using e cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes and did vote against the regulations for the same reasons.