T-Shirt Tuesday!

Tues, September 13th

What is T-Shirt Tuesday?

This year we will have "T-Shirt Tuesdays" once a month. On that Tuesday all students and staff are encouraged to wear a college t-shirt. Each month I will showcase a different college; the admissions requirements, student life options, majors, etc.

College of the month: TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY in Kirksville, MO

Consistently ranked among the nation's best colleges in publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, and Kiplinger's, Truman State University offers 51 undergraduate majors, 60 minors, graduate programs and graduate certificate programs, and several pre-professional areas of study. As Missouri's only highly selective public liberal arts and sciences university, Truman is best known for offering exceptionally high-quality academic programs and an amazing educational value. (http://www.truman.edu/about/)

Admission Requirements


Holistic Review

Truman attracts students who excel both inside and outside the classroom. High school performance and standardized test scores are the foundation for admission decisions, yet our individual holistic review process involves consideration of an admission essay, special abilities, talents, and co-curricular involvement. The holistic review process is designed to identify students who are well-prepared to succeed at Truman. The Admission Committee looks deeper than your GPA and test scores to understand your past accomplishments, your interests and your potential. That holistic review continues when your application is considered for scholarships. Want to know more about the required parts of an admission application? Check out the freshman student application page.

As a part of the holistic review process, Truman considers all aspects of preparation including the Missouri Department of Higher Education selectivity guidelines.

High School Curriculum

Admission preference is given to individuals who have consistent strong performance in college preparatory curriculum that includes:

  • four units of English
  • three units of mathematics (four are strongly recommended)
  • three units of social studies or history
  • three units of natural science
  • one unit of fine arts
  • two units of foreign language (same language)


Student Life

Rock climbing walls. Fireside Fridays in the Student Union. Frisbee golf. Ted Drewes on the Quad. Concerts. Bulldog athletics. Charity benefits. Student club activities.Greek life. Humans vs. Zombies. Step shows. Community service. And those are just some of the things going on around Truman.

There’s also staying up late with your roommate talking about the afternoon you spent hiking at Thousand Hills State Park. And how your day ended at the University Farm where you stared into the night sky appreciating the wonders of astronomy with the Stargazers Club.

There’s the autobiographical story you wrote for the student literary magazine,Windfall, about your not-so-successful audition for student opera—and how you’re still glad you did it.

As a Truman student, there are so many ways to get involved on campus and have fun in the surrounding community that your biggest worry will be finding the time to pursue it all.


Truman State admissions rep for AGHS: Katie Barthel

Truman State Website

All information in this post was taken from the Truman State Website. Visit www.truman.edu for more information.