Civil Court Brochure

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Dear potential client, if you choose our law firm then here is what to expect during the civil charges against someone. Once you bring a case against someone, or plantiff for whatever the case may be possibly injury, medical care, property damage ect. The defendant may be suverely punished for their actions. You must hire a lawyer who files a complaint with the appropriate court. A complaint is a formal statement naming the plantiff and the defendant and described the lawsuit. After this, the court send sends a summons or document telling the defendant of the suit agasint them and gives a court order for a day and time. The lawyers from both sides gather evidence and this is called pleading. The judge might call a pre trial conference, to clarify differences and prepare for trial. An arbiration may occur to help settle the dispute. The judge may preponderance the enidence againt the defendant and then come to a verdict.

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