Media Literacy

Past & Present

The media is a form of communication between audiences such as a company and its employees or a newspaper and its community. Some examples of media in the past: newspaper, radio, & television. Today, Media is growing at a rapid pace developing new ways to communicate, current usages such as Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube. These modern forms of media involved endless number of individuals communicating with each other in real time. At its core, the purpose of media is to share information. To be media literate is to develop a sense of understanding subjected content expressed through images, speeches, & videos online. It doesn’t necessarily mean that previous media will fade in existence; in fact, media is adapting to new techniques introduce by new technology. What new media introduces is an open environment for discussion. However, some problems with this new form of media are privacy and propriety. For example, on Face Book, once your information is out there, you cannot truly erase it. Also, such a free forum for comments can be abused. Hateful and hurtful comments can be spread and reputations can be quickly destroyed. In this new world of modern media, there needs to be self-control and a sense of responsibility. In old day, newspapers were sued for liable. Today, it is much harder to restrict false information. For example, during the recent Boston Bombing incident, someone was falsely accused because of rapidly spreading rumors that could not be confirmed.

Bud Commercial

Budweiser puppy bowl commercial (2014) not only visualize a bond shared by a puppy and a horse, but it underlying message was to convince customers that Budweiser will bring you happiness. Budweiser subtly promote their product by representing themselves as the horse, who happens to be a Budweiser Clydesdales regular consumer consider him to be the mascot and the puppy as the consumer. The commercial was done in this fashion in order to compare how Budweiser bring happiness to you just like the friendship of the horse and the puppy. It was meant to reach a wider audience through the puppy, but it primary target is middle-age adult men who lived in the countryside.

Satirical News Article

Serial Killer cat still at large UPDATE: Owner taken into custody

Elizabeth Hoskins, High school student

Thursday April 3

SUWANNE, GA-Another victim fall prey to local serial killer Naomi, a well renowned resident and part-time pet cat of the Hoskins. The body was identified as a baby blue jay, discovered floating in the neighborhood’s public pool. It was a typical craftwork of Naomi the local serial killer, who had such gruesome reputation. Last week, a young red jay’s plucked feathers were found scattered across gravel streets. The local neighborhood of River Run has yet to catch this ferocious feline fiend.

Naomi was only 6 months where she began her career. When she was first cited, she was spotted with a gecko. The next day, the gecko’s head was missing. Next month, soon the cat went for bigger game—baby animals. Next, birds, chipmunks, and even squirrels were left behind. But then, dead adult chipmunks start appearing around the neighborhood block, leaving the police a mockery of only an intestine lead. And, one night, an entire rabbit ribs was slashed. Nothing could stop her killing spree.

After recent investigations, the Police was able to track down the owner for questioning. The owner was Stephanie Marie, who lived on 616 Lake Avenue of River Run. It was reported that she considered the cat behavior to be normal, and expected.

During questioning, police requested for backup as she attempted to throw animal crackers at one of interviewers.

“What? Are you freaking kidding me!? Cats kill all the time! It’s only natural! Circle of life, you know!? Hey, if you’re accusing my sweet heart angel of murder, listen yourself! You’re the serial killer! You kill thousands upon thousands of bacteria every time you brush your teeth in the morning, unable to hear their crying screams with your bubble gum yum—”

Stephanie was promptly arrested on the charge of insanity, and sent to an asylum for treatment.

While the whereabouts of Naomi the serial killer are still being investigated, the town of Suwannee can still feel safe knowing that the owner of such creation is behind bars.

1984 Theme Song: Sweet Dream by Eurythmics

“Sweet Dreams” was a released in 1983 by Eurythmics sheer coincidently the year before 1984 took place. The song was how others want to fulfill their own desires and those desires may be taken advantage of if you're not warry. The lyrics best related to the interactions expirence due to the product of the environment of 1984 settings. 1984 is set in a dystopia totalitarian future, throughout the book the protagonist Winston want to express his own desires but ends up becoming a victim. “Some of them want to use you” Winston thought highly of O’Brien at the beginning, even though he never spoken to him before. Winston deeply admired O’Brien despite being an high-ranking official as he thought O’Brien was different from the rest of the party members. He even begin speculating that O’Brien was a part of the resistance group, the brotherhood. However, O’Brien’s distinguish gentleman-like manner only serve to be a facade underneath him was a cold calculating individual. ‘They got me a long time ago’. He was only to lured Winston into false hope existence of brotherhood & confessing to his ‘crimes’.

“Some of them want to get used by you” this line describes Julia & Winston relationship. At the surface, Juilia was a loyal member of Junior Anti-Sex League who Winston deeply resent for restricting, but she loathe her group as she secretly desire. To confess to Winston through a slip of paper “I love you’. They both wanted to fulfill their own desires.

Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

Sweet dreams are made of this who am I to disagree
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Ooh...hey...ooh...aha, oh...
Ooh...hey...ooh...aha, oh...

Hold your head up, keep your head up, movin' on
Hold your head up, movin' on
Keep your head up, movin' on
Hold your head up, movin' on...
(rpt 2, 1...)