Tips on internet safety!

See what there is to know on the internet.

World Wide Web.

The internet is used all over the world. Really! Any continent, country, province, and even the smallest cities use the internet. The internet is constantly evolving, and the internet is so big now, most people communicate on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Messaging, etc. The internet is made for all your memories to be saved, and mistakes! The cool thing about the internet, there's so much to explore, it's endless!

Internet Invaders.

Of course, like us, the internet isn't all perfect. There's many spams, trolls, and predators that invade the internet, and make it unsafe. Let's talk about some of the bad things on the internet.

1. SPAMS: Be aware of spam. If you see one, report it immediately.

2. ASKING: Many predators will ask for private information, don't give it, report!

3. FISHY: If a person keeps messaging inappropriate subjects, report it!

4. EMAIL: Email is the most unsafe place for spams, trolls, etc to reach.