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Click here for Understanding the ACT Score Report

This leads to an online booklet explaining the ACT Score Report. many resources for teachers and parents. is based in CA, research based and user friendly. Lots of resources for parents and teachers to be found here. I have linked "Helping Children Cope with Grief" (addresses all ages).

Order graduation supplies at Josten's. Click here!

Look for Marine Science and Technology under "My School Store"

Bark for Schools: Parents Supporting Children/Teens

Here is a detailed resource for parents about how to support children who may be experiencing some challenges.

Community Resources listed on Carolina Coast Online

All sorts of resources listed by the local community paper online.

Budgeting Forms for Teens by Money Prodigy

Start here to get a picture of how much money you need for college, living expenses, etc. Or to start saving money to get ahead.

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