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Newsletter - April 2015

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May 20 - Parent Forum - 8:30-9:30am

May 22 - Conference/Progress Reports/No School

May 25 - School Holiday/Memorial Day

June 3 - Closing Ceremony 6 - 8pm.

June 4 - Last Day of School/Noon Dismissal/ No Extended Care

June 5 - Staff Workday

Summer parties and splash days will be arranged by the classes.


Class 204 - Ms. Becky & Ms. Dilia

In the month of April we talked about Clouds, read books like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and "Planting a Rainbow." In Class 204 we had an awesome time on Earth day, planting herbs and flowers in the school garden. We were so grateful for everyone's donations for this project. We made "Caterpillar Art" as well as hand-print flowers.

For Peace class, we read "What is a Freind?" The children were able to tell what they thought a f=good friend was, and how being a good friend makes them feel. Also for Peace class we looked at our new 'Calming Jar" and got a lesson on how we can use it when we are upset or just want to relax.

Class 206 - Ms. Theresa & Ms. Stephanie

In April, Class 206 began their month with their "Spring Party" the children enjoyed dyeing hard boiled eggs, having a egg hunt and breaking confetti eggs on their friends and teachers. We studied about the "Parts of the Flower" We also focused on the "Lifecycle of the Butterfly" and the children made their own lifecycle's using navy beans & pasta. During the month we also talked about what we can do to protect our earth by recycling so that our environment can stay green. We planted carrots, string beans and chives in the class. We completed the month by covering "Our Body" the children enjoyed hearing about their skin, bones, muscles, brain, heart. The children even got the opportunity to hear their own hearts on a stethoscope that was sent in by the Nwokeji Family. In Arts and Crafts the children painted their very own"Very Hungry Caterpillars" with plastic cups and plastic forks and beautiful butterflies using shaving cream & food coloring to make a marble painting effect on their butterfly wings. Our Food prep this month was banana slicing and the children enjoyed peeling, slicing and eating their banana for snack.

Class 208 - Ms. Peggy & Ms. Trish

Spring is in the air and In April we have had lots of practice with the letters ‘s’ (sun), ‘w’ (water, as in rain!) and ‘u’ (umbrella). We noticed and talked about changes in the weather. We also listened to and learned that poetry is a special kind of writing. In celebration of Earth Day and Arbor Day, we learned about the parts of a tree. April was also Keep America Beautiful month and in Room 208 we spent a wonderful morning outside, planting sunflower seeds and ‘dinner plate’ dahlias. We discussed the importance of not littering. The elementary were away at camp and we helped by caring for their rabbit and keeping it’s enclosure clean. Several friends were introduced to work with Color Tablets Box 3, learning to discriminate subtle differences in color. Others continue to move forward in their work with Teens and Tens and in Geometry with the Sensorial materials.

Class 210 - Ms. Richelle, Ms. Paloma & Ms. Catherine

What an amazing month for our toddlers. We have enjoyed watching the children develop more fine-motor skills, and improve on their fine motor skills. The children have been working really hard this month on improving their social skills as well. Hammering was a great lesson for this month. A lot of our children didn’t have the grasp of the hammer correct, now to see the children using there palmer grasp for the hammer, and showing other friends how to hold the hammer correct, just brings a smile to our face. Another great fine motor and counting activity we had this month was “Feeding the Bunny,” with tongs. This activity was a great transfer activity and also they were counting the carrots as they would insert them in the rabbit’s mouth. We also caught a lizard in the month of April, and named him “Batman,” however we had to let “Batman” go. It was nice to explain to the children that he had to go back into nature, so all the children said their goodbyes and we let him go, and they were so excited to see him take off. We are looking forward to May, even though it’s going to be a busy month. The children are going to be very excited for all the work, and other activities we have in store for them.

Class 212 - Ms. Andrea & Ms. Mukta

April has been an explosion of learning and activity for our class. Of course, who could ask for better than having outdoor classes at Camp Allen? The students learned so much about nature and about themselves. They enjoyed their independence and grew in their self-knowledge and confidence. For many, it was the first time away from family and they all showed a great deal of autonomy. They were given a safe environment in which they were expected to be self-sufficient while also being aware of the needs of others. Everyone had a stellar experience! My favorite story is that of a third grader who fell off a horse (gently – but still!) and demanded to get back on and ride again! Some of our classes were herpetology, edible plants, pond life, ornithology, organic gardening, and Texas History. Everyone enjoyed canoeing, and I was especially proud of some first time canoers who overcame their fear and had fun. During down time, the students used their nature journals to sketch and write about the things they saw and learned. Of course, you can’t go to camp without having some fun around a campfire, and despite the pouring rain our resourceful counselors created a fire pit for us under the covered area so we could sing campfire songs, put on skits, and of course, eat s’mores! In addition to our Camp Allen trip, we are studying biomes and discussing ways to protect the planet. As part of our on-going Earth Day activities, we planted more seeds in our garden and we picked up plenty of trash around our campus.

Natural formations found at Camp Allen

Class 214 - Ms. Kate & Ms. Sarah

Elementary started off April with a cooking class, preparing carrots and radishes grown from our garden for a delicious, fresh treat. We visited Lake Houston Wilderness Park for a hike and scavenger hunt; this day trip to the nature park helped prepare the students for their long stay at Camp Allen. The students received a lesson on bases and the Mayan system of math, which has a base of twenty. They have also been exploring different number systems including Roman and Egyptian numerals. Our lower elementary third graders came to visit and upper elementary were gracious hosts. They worked well showing the younger students the rigors and joys of upper elementary work. While visiting, the third graders were asked to lead a project and stepped into the roles of leadership with ease. The students split into small groups to research and present on wind and storm cycles. One of the students’ favorite events of the year took place in April. Our annual trip to Camp Allen was a huge success. The students really pushed themselves and exceeded goals they made for themselves. The upper elementary group was able to do some high ropes courses and rock climbing to start the week of Camp Allen on a literally high note. The students and teachers had a spectacular time at camp and came home tired from the eventful experience. To celebrate Earth Day, the students helped to plant cucumber, cantaloupe and watermelon plants and also pick up trash around the playground and field behind the school. The students also enjoyed a little slice of the world (watermelon rind painted to mimic Earth). The students have begun rehearsals of our play for closing ceremony. It should be fabulously presidential. We have been reading a new book about a boy, Milo, on a quest to not be bored. The Phantom Tollbooth is littered with puns and word play, and the students worked out a problem given to Milo by the Mathemagician: 4+9-2×16+1÷3×6-67+8×2-3+26-1÷34+3÷7+2-5= (to be worked out without regard for the order of operations). Have a marvelous May!

Lulu & Lexie Hughes - "Directors for the Day" 4/28/2015

Lake Houston Wilderness Park

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