Liability, Malpractice and Lawyers

by: Shreya Vurimi


Medical liability is the obligation of paying for a person's medical injuries. The laws and standard have been set to let lawyers know what they should do if any of these problems happen. Malpractice is the improper professional treatments or activity that occurs to patient the the health professional.

How Malpractice Occurs and Examples

When a doctor does not treat the patient correctly or without their permission. The hospital might also be held accountable for the malpractice. If you are unhappy with your treatment or result it doesn't automatically count as malpractice.
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What Happens When Malpractice Occurs

After a malpractice occurs you should consult an attorney to review your case on the physician. It is generally hard to win a malpractice case because the hospital has a certain amount of damage that can happen to a patient before a malpractice case can be issued.

Laws that regulate the medical field are put in place such as there can only be a malpractice claim issued within two years. The patient must first file for a certification of merit. To get the certificate another doctor must watch of the accused doctor's actions and check the medical records.


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