Tears of a Tiger

by Sharon Draper

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One horrifying night, Andy’s life changed forever. Andy and three of his high school friends had just won an important basketball game. They decided to celebrate. It was late and they had been drinking. Andy was driving when all of a sudden they hit a wall. Three of the guys manage to get out, but Robert Washington, Andy’s best friend and captain of the basketball team, is pinned inside the car. The three try to get him out but the car explodes, and Robert burns to death. Months later, Andy still can’t stop blaming himself, turning away from his family, friends, and his girlfriend. When Robert appears to him in his dreams, he blames Andy but forgives him. There is no future for Andy, and life becomes unbearable. How can Andy forgive himself and find peace? Sharon Draper is a favorite writer for the young adult audience. Tears of a Tiger is one of the books in the Hazelwood trilogy. - Mary Boyd (Retired librarian - IISD)

Tears Of A Tiger - Book Trailer


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