Discovery Education

And the New Google Forms

1. Discovery Education

SISD & Discovery Education

All SISD teachers have access to Discovery Education through a premium account. You might even have an account that is so old you still remember it as United Streaming. To see if you've already created an account, try to log in here. If you cannot login using your "k12" address, click on "Forgot username or password?". If your account exists, Discovery Education will email you instructions for resetting your password. If your email address isn't recognized, follow the steps below to create your account.

Creating Your Premium Account

To create your premium account, go here and enter the code for your campus. Follow the instructions to complete setting up your Discovery Education account.
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Top 10: Discovery Education

Emily Nowlain created this amazing instructional tool to aid teachers in the Region with their use of Discovery Education. Check it out as a refresher or use it to gather some new ideas.


2. The New Google Forms

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3. Adding Watermarks to Docs

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4. Turn your Docs into ePubs

Help From Chrome

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