Wellness Fair

For the Teachers and Staff of the Hanover & Norwich Schools

Thank you for being willing to be a vendor at this year's annual Wellness Fair for the teachers and staff of the four Hanover and Norwich schools. We are trying to make this an annual event aimed at promoting the many wonderful providers (you!) and the many diverse ways of increasing personal well-being and societal health. We greatly appreciate your gifts of time and wisdom...and the superb variety of raffle prizes that have been donated! Please note the change in starting time: we have move the start time to 2:30 to allow more time for set-up and to avoid bus traffic. See below for more information.

Wellness Fair

Wednesday, April 1st, 2:30-4pm

Frances C Richmond School, Hanover, NH, United States

Hanover, NH

Parking: Parking is always tight at the schools, so please try not to come in more than one car (if you have more than one person attending). Parking is available the school parking lots to both the north and south ends of the buildings. Please do not park in the Dartmouth Printing lots that the driveway after our north parking lot.

Set-up time: for the vast majority of this year's vendors, 15 - 30 minutes seems to be all the set-up time needed. If you are on the 15 minute end of the spectrum, you may want to wait until closer to 2:15 to help avoid bus and parent traffic (pick-up is between 2:00 and 2:15). If you need more than 15 minutes, I suggest getting there before the mad-rush of parents and buses that starts just before 2:00.

Format: We are trying a different format this year. Rather than being a maze of tables in a gym, we are going to try and make a loop from the lobby, up the stairs to the 6th grade wing, through the hall, down a second set of stairs, through the art/woodworking/living arts hall and back to the lobby. The rational being: help ensure each vendor has equal and prominent exposure, help encourage walking and stair use by those who are able (there is an elevator for those who need it), help decrease the over-all noisiness and provide quieter sections for those who will benefit from that and vice versa. Its an experiment and we hope it works well - feedback will be appreciated once all is said and done.

Total Number of Participants: Very hard to say....there are around 500 +/- teachers and staff in the SAU, but there really is no way to be sure how many will attend as it is not an attendance required activity. My understanding from the previous wellness coordinator is that about 150 - 200 people is a good estimate.

Contact Information for Jennifer Quevedo:
email: wellness.coordinator@sau70.c0m
office phone (prior to day of the Fair): (603) 643 - 3431 x 2128
Richmond Middle School receptionist: (603) 643 - 6040 (use only on the day of the fair, after noon, before then they will not have contact with me)