How Computers Work!

CPUs - RAM - HDDs - What is it all about?


CPU or Central Processing Unit is where all the calculations and operations happen. It is the most important part of the computer. The speed measured in Gigahertz and the faster the speed the faster the computer will run.

The two main brands of processor are Intel and AMD.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This stores data that is currently in use. This data is volatile, meaning it is removed when the power is removed. It is measured in Gigabytes and most computers have between 1-8Gb of memory, but some have up to 16Gb. The more memory you have the more programs you can have open at once.


Hard Disk Drives are used for the permanent storage of data. It magnetically stores the information as binary code onto a magnetic disk. The storage on a modern computer is generally between 500Mb and 1Terabyte.

There are 1024Gb in a Tb.