North American Natives

made By: Karsen barnett

The Anasazi

They are the ancestors of the Pueblo. They created dams, ditches and canals to channel the flow of the rain so it lands in the gardens on the floor of the canyon. Their houses had multiple stories and were made out of stone and adobe. They created these houses on the sides of cliffs or giant plazas. There was a massive complex in Chaco canyon with more than 1000 people living there. It's name is Pueblo Bonita, and it is said to have been the heart of the Pueblo civilization. Made trade routes to other "towns." Things traded on these were turquoise, pottery, and woven baskets. Influenced most of the coming civilizations and left many droughts.


These people were known as the Adena and the Eastern Woodlands people. They lived in a valley region in Ohio during 700 BC. They made incredible jewelry and pottery of copper. They planted many things in their fields such as: squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley. They built elaborate and crazy log structures, and burial mounds of earth and logs.


They were also known as the Eastern woodlands people as well. They made their way to the Ohio valley region in 300 BC. They created mounds like their ancestors the Adena had and were 40 ft high and 100 ft wide. Archaeological finds suggest an extensive trade network was in place. Both the Hopewell and Adena were known as the "Mound Builders."
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These people arrived in a Mississippi valley by 800 AD. They had plants that increased there population when mixed with maize and beans. They needed more land for themselves because they had an increase in population. Near present day East ST. Louis there was a city back then known as Cahokia that had more than 10,000 Mississippians living in it because of the increases in land and population. In the center of their humongous city was the biggest mound of all of their creations. It was 100 ft high and more than 14 acres wide! That is even bigger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt! Surrounding the Gigantic mound are 120 smaller mounds! That is too many mounds!
Although these great civilizations were so incredible they all died out before the 1300's were over but their practices were used for a long time after they died.