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"Getting an inch of snow is like winning $10 in the lottery"


Many of you have heard of (or participated in) "Movember" during the month of November where men purposefully grow their beards to bring attention to prostate cancer research. This month I’m taking the challenge. I’m also challenging students to help me raise money towards researching this and other cancers. I invite students (but by no means require them) to bring in loose change to fill our classroom ball mason jar. If they are able to fill this jar up by the end of the month, I’ll shave any design into my beard they so choose on December 1st. Let the design submissions and loose change search begin!

Reading to our Kindergarten Friends

Reading Logs

I want to try something new with our Reading Logs. The goal and heart of filling out these sheets each week is to keep students accountable to reading 25+ minutes each night. They record the title, genre, and pages read in order to see their patterns of book choice and dedication to reading. From conversations with my students, I find that requiring 25+ minutes makes this block at home a chore rather than the liberating experience I hope to harbor in my kiddos.

With that being said, I’d like to change our classroom routine up a bit. Students no longer have to submit their reading logs each morning to me. Some nights your child just can’t get into a book. I don’t want to force them. Other evenings, you can’t pry a good book out of their hands. Students are still required to log 125 minutes by Monday. The time and pace that they chose to reach this goal each week is up to them. Please continue to sign their R.A.H.’s each weekend making sure they are able to make their goal.

Helping Your Kiddo Find Great Books

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