Working At The GAP

Working At The GAP For A Day

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Task #1

The first task that you will be taught to do is Putting an item on hold

Task #2

The second task that you will be taught to do is make a price check on the phone

Steps For Completing Task #1

Step 1. After receiving the item needed to be put on hold, take the information of the customer and record the info on a transfer sheet (customer name, date, hold until,etc.)

Step 2. Take the hold item and stick the transfer sheet onto it

Step 3. Hang the item in the hold room

Steps For Completing Task #2

Step 1. Find an item that in not price (no price on tag as well as on store computer)

Step 2. Take that item and write down the style number

Step 3. call the number given (the number by the phone labeled "price check")

Step 4. when asked which company your calling from, respond with "The Gap" and when asked about why you're calling, answer with "Price check"

Step 5. Once redirected to a company representative, describe the item to them and read them the style number you wrote down. they will then give you the price for that item.

Step 6.Take the price that you were just given and either manually write the number on the tag or put the price into a price gun and post the label onto the item tag