All about Franklin D. Roosevelt

Brandon F.

The only thing to fear is fear it self

Franklin D. Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times.People think that he was the greatest presidents in our nation.Roosevelt has is dillgent man even though he had and disabity.FDR was an amazing leader.

Early life

Franklin D. Roosevelt did amazing things in is early life.He was born in Hyde park,New York,1882.He lived in a wealthy family.He went to boarding school.When he went to boarding school so that is when he wanted to help diffrent people.

personal challanges

He got polio.Polio is when people get a dissis that people can't walk.Roosevelt could walk a few steps with linning on people or by chruches but he could not walk on is own.he went to warms springs,ga for is polio.Even though FDR battled an awful disases,he still was able to reach many of is goals.


Roosevelt is hopful ways of talking kept the people of the united states going,during awful times.In 1928 he ran for govenor of New York.He started the new deal program that helped start government jobs.He promised to help millions of people hurt by hard times.He severd four termes.a lot of people lost there jobs during the great deperssion .Roosevelt did amazing things as a president of the united states.


I found my Franklin D. Roosevelt information american heroes.Found Franklin D. Roosevelt By Nathan Asher Katzin.Pictures By