Coledale PS

Are you ready for 2016?

Hi Parents and Students,

I do hope everybody is enjoying their holidays. I know we still have a few weeks of relaxing but our 2016 learning journey needs some preparation if we are to make the most of each and every day.


Resources have been ordered for the school year and all students will be issued with their workbooks. A homework book is included in this supply. Stationary items have been ordered for the K-2 students. Students in Years 3-6 need to supply their own writing tools. These should all be stored in a pencil case. Each student should have the following items, clearly labelled with the student's name:

HB Lead pencils, red ball point pens, whiteboard markers, eraser, coloured pencils, a wooden or hard plastic 30cm ruler, scissors, a sharpener, glue sticks, coloured highlighter pens, coloured textas and a black outlining texta. Students in Years 4-6 will also require blue pens.

Throughout the year these resources tend to run out and need replacing. If parents find it easier they can label and send along some spares to place in storage by class teachers to be issued throughout the year. eg. glue sticks and lead pencils.

All students will require some writing tools to be used at home when completing homework each week. It is best if these are located in the home in one location rather than the supplies that are sent to school.

All students will also require a home reader storage folder that is preferably waterproof and a library bag. Art shirts should also be washed and returned for the year. Lunch bags and water bottles should be cleaned and re-labelled ready for the school year. We would also appreciate if each student can bring along a family size box of tissues and a anti-bacterial wipes or pump pack.