Romeo and Juliet

Who's responsible for the star crossed lovers death

Is Juliet's Father Responsible?

Death is one of the only thing that you know for certain will happen in your life, although many hope that when their time comes they are old and lived a happy life. Sadly many people won't make it that far in life. And in life people like to blame others for misfortune and never stop to think maybe it's them. When Juliet's father says that she must marry Paris that is when things take a turn for the worst. "Acquaint her here of my son Paris' love" (Shakespeare act III scene IV line 16) Juliet wishes not to marry Paris because she is already married to Romeo ,which her family doesn't know, so when she says no her father says that he will ,"... never after look me in the face" (Shakespeare act III scene IV line 162). That is really harsh to say to a child whom isn't even 14. What would you do if your dad told you to marry a man you don't love or he'll throw you out. So Juliet comes up with a plan to fake her death the night before her wedding , a Wednesday, but her Father moves up the wedding date messing up the plan, ultimately leading to the actual death of his own daughter and Romeo.

Book to Book

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In the book Flowers in the Attic the father leaves his family leaving the family to what the grandmother believes is shame. After a while the grandmother locks the children in the attic telling the mother that it's the best thing to do. I believe that this book contacts to Romeo and Juliet because the mother thinks she's doing the best thing for her children just like Juliet father thinks he is doing the best thing by making Juliet marry Paris where in the end both are terrible ideas.

Book to Movie/Real Life

Hatfield and McCoy are names many will remember, although it was a real incident made into a movie the Hatfield and McCoy is very similar to Romeo and Juliet because it's two family's who have a feud, two of their kids fall in love, someone from one side killed someone from the other side and people were punished.