Las Vegas

Wyatt Tapia

Las Vegas

What happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Las Vegas is a place to go if you want to have fun. There are many attractions you can visit. Gambling, conventions, live shows, stores, car shows, roller coasters, and lots more! Now take some time to read to read this flyer.

Hoover dam

The Hoover was one of the largest and most successful public work projects of the 20th century. At the time of its construction, this massive concrete dam was the largest man made structures ever attempted. Many modern construction practices were pioneered and were perfected here. These practices and the overall drive to build this project resulted in the Hoover dam being delivered well ahead of schedule and at the big estimate. Because of the success of the project, the Hoover Dam project was considered to be one of the seven civil engineering wonders of the world.

Hoover Dam is a natural water power source. It has 17 main generators that get energy by water. Each generator has enough power to give over 100,000 houses power. The Hoover Dam 726 feet tall. At the base it is 600 feet thick. The dam is named after the 31st president Herbert Hoover.

The Hoover Dam was started in 1931 but wasn't finish till 1936. It took over 8.5 million pounds of dynamite to make the tunnels through the canyon. In the process, 96 people died. It is made of concrete. Each generator weighs 4 million pounds.

In conclusion the Hoover Dam is a very interesting place. There is a lot of causes that the Hoover Dam helps. With it 17 generators it helps with the cities electrify. With the dam part, it helps with the flooding problem. Hoover Dam is one exciting place to visit.