Rogers High School Media Center

January/February 2015 Newsletter

New Books!

We've added over 600 books to our collection since school started! It's been a great fall and winter with so many new books arriving and being checked out to students and staff. See the pictures and information below!

Did you know we have Kindles?

Kindles are devices made specifically for reading digital content like books and magazines. At RHS, we have several Kindles available for check out by students and staff. Our kindles contain books and can't be used to get on the internet or play games. Each Kindle has over 20 books on one small portable device. Titles available on our Kindles include Ender's Game, Pretty Little Liars, The Ghost Files, Candle in the Darkness, The Mind Reader and more. All Kindles come preloaded with the same set of books. Check with us throughout the year to find out what's new on the Kindles since we'll be adding books every month or two.
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Book Club Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 4th, 7:15am

Media Center

RHS Book Club meets every other Wednesday before school in the Media Center. We like to talk about books, movies, what to purchase for the library and the ups and downs of being a teen. We usually have treats! Everyone is welcome to join us. Learn more at our web site: Rogers High School Book Club


It's time to get those books and magazines renewed or returned.

Check with the Media Center staff to find out if you have an overdue book. Also, lists of students with overdue materials will be given to Primetime teachers on the 10th and 24th of February. Please ask your Primetime teacher if you are on the Overdue Books list. THANK YOU!!

Make the Change to Google Slides

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Moving from PowerPoint to Google Slides

It's time to make the switch to using Google slides for your school presentations. Each student has a school Google account which includes access to Google Docs, Google Gmail, Google Draw, Google Slides and much much more. Using Google Slides is easy and quite similar to PowerPoint. Watch this video to learn the basics so you're ready for your next school presentation.
Using Google Slides