Turkish Delight

The Best Treat Around

A Great Deal for A Great Treat

One box of Turkish Delight is $5.95. If you aren't pleased with the taste of the Turkish Delight we'll give you 10 more boxes free of charge.

We Have Several Flavors to Choose From

If you aren't interested in normal Turkish Delight, don't worry because we have many flavors to choose from like cheese, mint, toast, and many more, bacon, peach, soda, grape soda, cherry soda, orange soda, cream soda, soda soda, turkey wrapped BLT, ice cream, popcorn, and mystery. Note by publisher: Also there is a lot more that if the minimum wage payed intern that types this part might fall asleep at 50 out of 64 flavors.

We Want Your Ideas

If you have an idea for a flavor of Turkish Delight follow @WhiteWitchofNarnia on twitter then comment your flavor idea on a post about the newest flavor of Turkish Delight. Wait and see if your flavor ideas come true.

Danger Highly Delicious

Turkish Delight is dangerously delicious and might need to be eaten one at a time to minimize the chances of getting Manyumm, a sickness people get from eating too much extremely yummy food at a time. Manyumm is a obviously not fake and should be taken very seriously. .skcatta traeh dna ,sniap hcamots ,ssenedur yraropmet ,noitcidda era sregnad elbissop eurT *This sentence has been purposefully reversed due to all of it is untruthful and downright wrong. -President of Turkish Delight Co.

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