PHS Robotics Teams


Engineering and Robotics Teams

Students can compete in UIL BEST Robotics, VEX, TCEA Lego's, and Skills USA Contest. This year both UIL BEST and TCEA Lego's will be virtual contests. VEX and Skills USA is on hold until further notice.

VEX Practice

Practice Tuesday and Thursday After School in Room 4105

JV (9th and 10th) will compete on Saturday, Jan. 16th, at Redwater High School. Varsity (11th and 12th)will compete on Feb. 13th at Lovejoy High School

Travel Info

More info will be added soon, and these details below are subject to change, but this is the plan for now:

● Due to COVID restrictions, only 4 team members will be allowed to travel to the contest. The top-performing computer programmer, driver, spotter, and pit manager will be selected to attend the meet 1 week before the contest.

● No spectators will be allowed other than the coach/mentor of the team ● The plan is to live stream this event (planning is in progress)

● No lunch or concessions will be available, but teams are welcome to bring in their own food or utilize DoorDash (Mrs. Andoe will arrange meals)

Health and Safety Policies

● Masks will be required at all times.

● Entry procedures will require a Covid screening and temperature check. ● Teams will be required to stay at their assigned Pit location unless called to the queuing station.

● Teams are limited to 4 members and 1 coach on campus.

● No spectators.

● Hand washing/sanitizing will be required at each area entry point.

● Skills will be by appointment only but still in person at this event. You will submit a skills time reservation once at the event, not before.

JV Travel Agenda

JV Team # Team Name


P-High JV20

Date: 01/16/2021


Redwater High School

202 Red River Road North

Redwater, Texas 75573

United States



Saturday 1/16/21

6:00 AM - Leave PHS from Back of CTE Building

7:30 AM - Doors Open, Check-In and Inspection Open

8:30 AM - Check-In Closes

8:45 AM - Inspection Closes

8:45 AM – Event Meeting

9:00 AM – Qualification Matches Begin

10:00 AM - Skills open

11:30 PM – 1:00 PM Break for Lunch.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Finish Qualification Matches

2:30 PM - Alliance Selection

2:45 PM – Elimination Matches and Awards

6:00 pm or Sooner? - Return to PHS (Back of CTE Building)

Varsity Travel Agenda

Varsity Team#


P-High 20

Date: 02/13/2021


Lovejoy High School

2350 Estates Parkway

Lucas, Texas 75002

United States



Saturday 2/13/21

5:30 am - Leave PHS from Back of CTE Building

7:00 am - Doors Open

7:00 am - 8:30 am Inspections

8:45 am - Driver's Meeting

9:00 am - Opening Ceremonies

9:15 am - Qualification Matches Begin/Skills Field Opens

12:00 pm - Lunch Break (30 Minutes)

12:30 pm - Qualification Matches resume

3:00 pm - End of Qualification Matches/Skills Field Closes/Alliance Selection 3:30 pm - Begin Elimination Matches

4:30 pm - Award Presentations

5:30 pm - Stop for Dinner in Greenville

7:30 pm - Return to PHS (back of CTE Building)

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