Engineering & Technology

Spring 2013



Next week is our last week with Georgia Virtual School for this semester! I know you can hardly believe it! For some of you this is a great relief while for others it is panic. This is a reminder about different items you need to know or be thinking about.

1.) Finals Exams are coming soon

a. The two-day exam period opens Wednesday, May 8th@ 12:01 am and closes Thursday, May 9th @ (11:59 pm) midnight.
b. Be sure to set aside at least 2 hours.
c. There are NO extensions.
d. Be sure that you complete your exam using a trusty computer with a trusty connection – NO EXCUSES!!! Have your graphing calculator handy…or any tools that are required in your course.
e. You need to make sure you have the latest Java version and browser (preferably Firefox) version.

2.) Objective Final Exam

a. (20%) The Objective Final (multiple choice and short answer) is a cumulative exam of 80 questions covering all of the material covered this semester. To prepare for the exam, use the all quiz, test, and drop box feedback.

3.) Complete your work in a timely manner.

a. Be sure to complete all work in a timely manner; rushed work is usually not your best work.
b. Continue to ask questions!!
c. NO EXTENSIONS will be given on any assignments!!! Class closes on May 10th, and you will have no access to the classes after this date.

NOTE: All course related assignments, quizzes, tests, tasks, and such must be completed BEFORE taking the final exam. That means…everything for these last two weeks is due by Tuesday May 7.

Adobe Connect Sessions

Weekly sessions are currently held on Thursdays. For the AB students at 5:30 pm and the B students at 7:00 pm.

*Remember, you can also request help sessions as well!


Student Help & Resources

Your course home page has two course navigation videos, located at the top of the page. These include demonstrations of how to do various things in your course. You can also use the "Help" icon (on the top of your page). Click on the "FAQ" link on the left side of the help menu to find video demonstrations of tasks like: submitting dropbox assignments, completing quizzes, and participating in discussions. Please contact me if you have questions.

Parent Auditor Accounts

Parents, you can connect your account to your student's account. This will allow you to keep track of grades, assignments submitted, login history, and much more. Please click on the following links to learn more about creating and using this account.