Sea Searchers

by: Connor Pennisi and Mr. T

Our Viking Longship

Longships were made by Vikings for trade, exploration, and warfare in the "Viking Age". The "Viking Age" was between 800 and 1100 AD. Longships improved over time. They started out as just long graceful wooden boats and turned into war boats. Those were very long ships that had what appeared to be dragon heads on the ends of the ship. Viking long ships were 30 meters long and 6 meters wide.They used Viking longship also as funeral boats.They elaborately dressed in finery and placed in a the viking longship.

our Journey

Viking were mostly from Norway, Iceland, Sweden, some of Russia, Greenland and Sweden. But we are a group of Vikings that are on our way to raid and conquer land. There are going to be about 30 people on our ship. Our ship is about 30 meters by 6 meters long. We are going from Norway to Sweden to Iceland. At that time not all of Iceland was conquered.

Our Coordinates

The coordinates of Norway that we are leaving at are 59 degrees 56' North and 10 degrees 44' 45" East. The coordinates of Iceland that we are leaving are 64 degrees 08' 07" North and 21 degrees 53' 43"West.

How we move our boat

The boat wont get there on it's own. Someone or somethings has to move it. We are going to have 10 people paddle, 5 on each side, row in the direction we have to go.

Horned Helmets

Did Vikings actually have horned helmets? Yes Vikings did have horned helmets but only for ceremonial purposes, but in war the helmets they wore did not have horns.
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^ The Ships Interior ^