Think Through Math

The ABC's of Think Through Math!

A: Why Think Through Math?

TTM provides rigorous Math content that involves crtical thinking, multi-step problem-solving processes. Motivational features support and surround their challenging work. Live certified Math teachers kids can get help with in Guided Learning & Problem-Solving.

Screener: Benchmark 1

Quantile Measure: use a consistent scale to measure BOTH student readiness for learning new math concepts and skills as well as difficulty level of the content

Think Through Math Lesson Overview and Instructional Support


C: What is the TTM Lesson Sequence?

Use Lesson Explorer to demonstrate for students

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D: What are key features of TTM Teacher Dashboard?

TTM Guided Learning

E: How can students get support, feedback, & help?

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  • Screener for 1st journal entry

  • Screener >Benchmark Report
  • Overview Report every 2 weeks > Choose 2+ kids to intervene
  • Monitor Journal & Room
  • Motivate Students! Create bonuses for... 5 lessons, 10 lessons etc.
Effective Practices for High Impact TTM Implementation!

Classroom Resource Site & Training Guide

F: What role can a Math Journal play in TTM lessons?

G: How can I monitor students' progress and share their performance data?

  • Actionable Reports:
    Classroom Overview > Student Summary
  • View customized student usage information in order to progress-monitor and make informed decisions for entire classes or individual students.

    • Identify struggling, steadily progressing and high-performing students
    • Analyze data for behaviors-guessing and types of help access
    • View how much and when students use TTM
    • Understand range of student grade-level performance
    • Identify lessons passed/failed
    • Drill down to specific students to view pathway progress and performance
    • View status of point donations to charities
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H: What should parents know about Think Through Math?