Tay-Sachs Disorder

By: Shaelin & Hugo

Description of Disorder

It is a rare disorder that inherited and it destroys spinal cord and brain nerve cells (neurons).

Type of disorder

Autosomal recessive

Characteristics/ Symptoms of this disorder

  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of muscle coordination (ataxia)
  • Problems with movement and speech
  • Mental illness

Average age of onset

After a baby has reached 3-6 months of age.

Is it more common in males or females?

Both have the same chance of having Tay-Sachs.


No treatment, but there is medicine to help with the seizures, a proper nutrition and good hydration is needed.

How does this affect a persons life




-Feeding difficulties

-Abnormal body tone

How are scientists trying to help/treat this disorder?

Scientists and doctors are doing different screenings on the children with Tay Sachs and give prenatal testing which shows which parent is the carrier.
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