Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of October 12, 2015

Field trip tomorrow to the Big Horn Canyon Recreation Park

The students will be learning about animals which live in the park. We will be walking outside to make observations of these wild animals. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Good walking shoes, long pants, layers of short sleeve shirt then jacket and sunscreen are all important to wear.

If you signed up to provide a lunch, please remember to send it with your child.

Thanks for ensuring the basis are taken care of so your child can have fun, be safe and learn.


This week is a review week. The students will be reviewing the learned reading skills for the last six weeks and taking an unit assessment.


This is a review week so there are no new spelling words. If a student has not mastered a spelling list from the last six weeks they will take those test again this week. If your child brings home a list, please practice that night so they can take the test the next day. Thank you for your help.

Words to Read

Again, this is a review week. We will be reviewing the high frequency words from the last six weeks. Here are the words for you to practice with your child at home to sure ensure they have a solid knowledge of these words. on, in, my, way, come, take, she, what, use, little, help, from, get, blue, up, too, this, four, five, her, eat, saw, your, tree, small, home, them, into, many.

These words are important for them to know quickly and easily to ensure their fluent reading in first grade and beyond.

Parent Teacher Conferences - Thursday and Friday

I am looking forward to talking to you this week. I so enjoy being your child's teacher and look forward to sharing the great things they are learning and how we can keep up there academic progress.

Here is some information for making the most of your conference from Scholastic.