Week Ahead

Apr. 11 - Apr. 15, 2016

Wow! Weather-wise, it sure doesn't feel like the middle of April. Road running season and Track and Field season are upon us, even if the weather isn't co-operating. As well, Earth Day is right around the corner- that must mean Spring, right? Hang in there, it has to get warmer soon! Our focus continues to be on critical thinking; please add to the bulletin board any activities/tasks that you are engaging in with your students, in order to promote that.
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This Week:

Mon. Apr. 11 Day 3- Tia away, a.m.

Staff meeting, 3:30 @ Tamworth;

Tues Apr 12- Day 4- Swim to Survive;

No Right to Read today;

Tia away all day;

IPRC- Karen and Pete, 3:30

Wed Apr 13 Day 5- Compass Training;

Pete and Stephanie away;


Chad and Karen meeting re: Noah; 12:00

IPRC- Karen and Pete, 3:30

Thurs Apr 14 Day 1- No Right to Read this week;

Karen and Chad at Family of Schools meeting- Selby

Fri Apr 15 Day 2- Tammy visits @ 11:15

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Coming Up:

Week of April 18- Staffing committee meets;

Pitch-In Canada Week

Apr. 18- Kindergarten CI, @ EPS, p.m.

Catherine Greene here for testing;

Apr. 19-Catherine Greene here for testing;

Stephanie at PD, p.m.;

In-school team meeting, 8:15;

Apr. 20- Karen at VP meeting

Apr. 21- Last day for Right to Read;


Apr 22- Earth Day;