the sunny side


California has many beaches because they are located on the edge of the pacific ocean. The Venice beach is located in Venice and attracts a lot of tourists to the bright sand and lots of palm trees. The Coronado beach has the famous hotel Del Coronado which is located right on shore. The Santa Monica pier is home to great businesses and big beaches. The Catalina beach is 22 miles off the southern California coast and is home to many boats.
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California has many food options for fast food and sit down restaurants. The first reastrunt is in-n-out burger which is a burger joint know for its secret menu. Jack in the box is also but not only in California and makes a variety of food options. The baked bear is a sit down restaurant and has delicious food. The baked bear also has two locations one in San Diego and one in La Jolla
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famous places

California is home to many famous land marks. Disney land is a famous place for all ages and has good food everywhere. Lego land is a place for the younger audience but is still entertaining for the adults and is located in San Diego. Holly wood is the hall of fame for movie stars and has shops and hills everywhere. The San Diego zoo has a variety of animals and is one of the largest zoos in the u.s.
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California has a variety of different hotels. The Hilton San Diego resort spa has a four star review and a great winter getaway. The fairmont grand Del mar hotel has a five star review and is a first rate country get-away. The Manchester Hyatt San Diego has a four and a half star review and has a wonderful staff and great buffet. The west gate hotel has a four and a half star review and has great decoration and wonderful staff.
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things to do

California has a variety of things to do and these are some exciting ones. If your in to fossils than the la brea tar pit museum is the place for you. It has many fossils right from the tar pit and are from all different animals. Another great place is sierra Nevada is more for the risk takers but is still fun for everyone. Sierra Nevada is one of the biggest snowboarding hills in the u.s.a and is beautiful just to look at.
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