The Great Exhibition

Names: Noa Baron, Keren Israeli, Uri Cirin

Facts and information about the exhibition:

The great Exhibition is an event where works of industry of all the continents were there.

It was occurred in Hyde Park In London in the 1st on May to the 15th on October i851.

It was the first exhibition from series of some world exhibitions that were popular in the world that time. the Exhibition was very important because1300 amazing works were brought to this event.
For the first time, people could see the new technology.

The great Exhibition affects the story: "The Room On The Fourth Floor" that way:
In the middle of the story "The Room On The Fourth Floor" stand Mrs. and Ms. Farringham-who did all the way to Paris to see The Great Exhibition.
When Mrs. Farringham died from a horrible disease, the government decided to tell everyone she never got to Paris, since it was the year and the place of The Great Exhibition. They knew that if the citizens will know that the disease got to Paris, they will be to afraid to go outside, and all the money and time that was invested on the exhibition would be for nothing.

The Great Exhibition of 1851
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