By Jace Brosnan


  • Juliet is the Female protagonist in the famous play: Romeo and Juliet.
  • Juliet lived in a wealthy family that lived in Verona. In the play, she was coming up on her 14th birthday.
  • Juliet is a brunette with tan skin.
  • Juliet falls in love with her family's fued's son and she ends up dying in the end.


  • Juliet's lived in the Capulet family
  • Juliet's father (Capulet), Juliet's mother (Lady Capulet), Paris (Nurse).

Interesting Facts

  • Juliet was 13, almost 14, and yet she "got married". Most women were married at the age of about 19.
  • Romeo and Juliet got married secretly before they died.
Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? - Romeo and Juliet (3/9) Movie CLIP (1968) HD

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